The Journalistisches Seminar is a department of the Institut für Publizistik (department of communication studies) of the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz. It is also involved in running of the university's TV station Campus TV Mainz. Partners within the university range from other media departments to the press and media contact office. Students of the Seminar have the opportunity of freelancing for the university magazine JOGU. Movies and TV reports made by students are broadcast by Campus TV Mainz via cable.

The Journalistisches Seminar participates in the international exchange programme M3, a cooperation supported by the University of Memphis (Memphis, Tennessee), Ball State University (Muncie, Indiana), the University for Applied Sciences Wiesbaden, the University for Applied Sciences Mainz, the public broadcasting company ZDF, and the Amerikahaus Frankfurt. Students may complete a part of their studies at one of our partner universities in the U.S.