Dr. Rada Bieberstein - Vita

Film scholar and art historian,









• since 2009 lecturer at the Department of Journalism, Mainz University; design and development of the B.A.-Beifach: Theory and Praxis of Audiovisual Media – Campus TV

• 2007–2009 lecturer at the Department of Film Studies, Mainz University

• 2007 PhD on gender in contemporary Italian cinema and television: Lost Diva – Found Woman: Female Representations in New Italian Cinema and National Television (Schüren 2009, 464 pages), Federal Graduate Research Grant (Landesgraduiertenförderung Rheinland-Pfalz) awarded

• 1998–2007 grants for research projects at the National Art Academy Sofia, Bulgaria (qualitative questionnaire on the reception of mass media by over-60-year olds in Bulgaria since 1989); at the Università degli Studi di Bologna, Italy (Michelangelo Antonioni, gender in Italian television and cinema since 1995); at the Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia (Vladimir Vysocki in film and theatre and his multimedia representation)

• 2008–2010 head of the international research project Cinematic Gerontology – Life Histories: The Aging Brain in Cinema, financed though the Interdisciplinary Research Centre for Neuro-Sciences (Interdisziplinäres Forschungszentrum für Neurowissenschaften, IFZN), Mainz University; the project is part of the Year of Humanities 2009 of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research

• 2009 author of the concept of the International Film Week Cool Britannia accompanied by lectures, for example by Peter Greenaway (Tulse Lupers Suitcase) and Loveleen Tandan (Slumdog Millionaire) as part of the event Kultursommer Rheinland-Pfalz 2009

• since 2007 editor of the academic online encyclopaedia www.affa-portal.de on the work and life of female film directors and member of the international research project International Women’s Research Network

• since 2009 member of the Association for the Study of Modern Italy

• 2008 author of the concept and initiator and lecturer of the innovative course Discovering Academia on academic work praxis, financed through the Women’s Representative of Mainz University

• author of and presenter at events of Mainz University, for example Children’s University (Time-Machine Cinema: Film Stories in the Fourth Dimension 2009, together with PD Dr Susanne Marschall); Science Market; Research Day

• since 2005 founder and author of the art historical internet platform on Bulgarian modern art Ivan-Milev.com

• 1997–2004 Magister-degree in Art History, Film Studies, Media Studies, Slavonic Studies and English Cultural Studies and Literature at the Dresden and Mainz Universities

• 1997 GCSEs and A-Levels at Oxford & Cherwell Valley College, UK


Conference Papers (sample)

• University of Warwick, UK; in collaboration with Cinemonitor: Osservatorio Cinema, La Sapienza University Rome, Italy
“Da Sodoma a Gomorra: Framing Crisis and Rebirth in Italian Cinema 1970s–2000s”, Paper: How to Recover the Real – Italian Cinema since the 1990s

• University of London, UK; Annual Conference of the Association for the Study of Modern Italy (ASMI)
“Italy and the Emotions: Perspectives from the 18th Century to the Present“,
Paper: Where the Latin Lover Got Lost and other Questions about Emotions in Italy: Italian Cinema and Emotional Negotiations of Italian Society
• International Film Festival “Laboratorio Immagine Donna”, Florence Italy
“Focus: Le donne del cinema italiano”, Paper: La donna ritrovata nel nuovo cinema italiano

• Mainz University, Germany; Symposium
“The Cinema of India: History – Dramaturgy – Aesthetics“, Paper: I, India: Self-representation of Indian-ness in Hindi Cinema

• Mainz University, Germany; Department of Film Studies
Lecture: Indian Art – An Introduction
• University of Manchester, UK; International Conference
“Home, Nation and Empire: Readings of Gender from the 18th Century to the Present“, Paper: The Secrets of Flesh and Stone: Gender and National Histories in Italian Cinema
• Mainz University, Germany; Department of Film Studies
Lecture: Female Directors in New Italian Cinema

• University of London, UK; International Conference
“Women and Mass Media in 20th Century Italy“, Paper: Quo vadis, baby? Representation of Women in Italian Cinema of the 1990s
• Mainz University, Germany; International Conference
“Italian Film during the 1960s“, Paper: Crime of Passion: Social Criticism in Italian Cinema

• Mainz University, Germany; Department of Slavonic Studies
 Lecture: Samisdat and National Film

• National Museum Vladimir Vysocki Moscow, Russia; International Conference
“20 Years without Vysocki“, Paper: Star Theory and the Soviet Phenomenon Vysocki